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File:Research Facility Exavil
Openning folder, "Exavil Research Station"..........
Password: ************
Openning file, "Twilight Stone"
August 14, 2007. 5:46 p.m.
Exavil Underground Research Facility, Meteorite Examination
Security Level: 4
Status: Normal
The study is going rather well, the meteorite is giving off a form of radiation that we have never encountered. The radiation gives off a slight yellow glow. We dubbed the meteorite the "Twilight Stone". Of course the containment chamber for the Twilight Stone is secure.
Openning Database...........
Security logs: Radiation breach.........
Sy:Hmmm, I wonder why.......
Kaiser: I think someone, or somethin
:iconsyakatsura:syakatsura 1 5
Still improving my style since I joined.


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Auto resizing your art since March 18th!
I've just been made aware that DA has decided to (temporarily?) take away our choice of showcasing art in any width we desire.
That's right- if you upload a new deviation right now, you won't get a choice of "900 width" or "display original size".
Everything I upload, auto-resizes!

I decided to write a news article about this development of interest, since I don't see any official news or topics about this new implementation anywhere... only after 30 minutes found a topic about it on the forum.
What if today I want to upload a comic book artwork that is MEANT to be scrolled horizontally with very little height?
What if today I want to show a wallpaper that's 1800 pixels wide?
Statistically, only 10-20% of people click the "download" button- that means 80-90% of watchers will miss out on what I want to REALLY show.
Give me back my "display art in resolution that I originally uploaded it in" button.
From the forum post on the issue:
"We've recently changed our requirements for t
:iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,746 1,159
Romantically Apocalyptic 27 by alexiuss Romantically Apocalyptic 27 :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 5,000 838 Sketch-dragoness by Fly-Sky-High Sketch-dragoness :iconfly-sky-high:Fly-Sky-High 68 99
Stuff that I come across in this site that I think are just an epic win.


I have thought about what I've been through and how that changed me over the course of 3 years. I have become something I wished I never would.

I have become emotionally numb.

Over the course of 3 short years, too many things happened to me.

My best friend's death.
My friend's suicide.
The recent breakup of my parents.
My "friends" ignoring me.
Being alone for too long.
My brothers not socializing with me. It's like I don't exist most of the time.
My other best friend's financial problem. He's homeless and getting pissed off at his life. I'm beginning to fear for the worst.
And the lack of comfort I get from my parents every time I need it.

You haven't heard from me at all for the past year or so. Well the list above should hint at why.

I have enlisted to the Air Guard, I'm leaving for Basic and Tech school on the 15th of this month. I won't be back till October.


United States
I really have to update this. -_-

Current Residence: in a house
Favourite genre of music: any I like, except rap, I don't know what the hell they are saying most of the time.
Favourite style of art: Butch Hartman and getting into anime
Operating System: Windows Vista or XP, depending on what comp I'm using
MP3 player of choice: PSP slim (I think It's better than Ipod, no offence to anyone)
Shell of choice: .50 caliber......does that count?
Wallpaper of choice: Japanese caligraphy
Skin of choice: ..........mine? or dragon...or drakeon XD
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom, Jake Long
Personal Quote: Allow me to throw ideas at your face! :D



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